Black Friday USA Deals

Black Friday sales are traditionally available in the USA, and there are Black Friday American deals available to Canadians on Black Friday. We have collected a list of the best deals in this category.

USA Black Friday Sales on Hotels

If you spend your holiday vacations in the United States, you probably need to book your hotel rooms before your departure. is a hotel reservation website that guarantees the cheapest rates on hotel and motel rooms. You can save up to 50% on your bookings through CheapOstay online reservation. Here are some holiday hotel deals from CheapOStay. The booking system has great offers on the most pupular destinations in the USA include New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale.

Black Friday Sales USA - Cheap Hotels

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More USA Hotel and Flight Deals

Hotel Reservation

Alternatively, you can book your US hotel or motel rooms through, an Expedia subsidiary.’s holiday offers include

(1) 25$ off for new customers,
(2) Up to 50% off with the Deal of the day
(3) Book 10 get 1 free Black Friday Sales

Click HERE to search US hotels on You can select the Canadian version and pay in Canadian dollars.

Flight Reservation

WebJet is an online flight booking agent and it sells flight tickets for hundreds of airlines in North America. It has a best price guarantee and offers lots of great deals for the holidays.

WebJet flight tickets

Click HERE to search your US flights on WebJet’s website.

US Travel, Tours, Shows, Tickets

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USA Cell Phone Roaming Deals for Your Travel

Cell phone companies charge you a lot of roaming fees if you use your Canadian cell phone or mobile data devices in the USA. Now you have a chance to eliminate all those charges with this deal. You can get a GSM SIM card from Roam Mobility and snap it into your unlocked phone, smartphone or tablets. Or simply get a Breeze Phone from Roam Mobility if don’t have a GSM phone or if your phone is not unlocked. You can then connect directly to the USA cell phone network during your travel.

Black Friday Sales USA - Roam Mobility

Roam Mobility is actually a Canadian company. When it comes to rates, Roam Mobility offers the best USA roaming deal in North America. Roam Mobility offers several different plans so you can choose the one that’s best for you. You can use their 4G LTE data plan for blazing fast Internet connectivity as well. Here are their US plans:

  • USA Daily Plan
  • USA Snowbird Plan
  • USA Data Only Plan
  • Talk, Text and Data
  • Talk and Text

Click here to find out how Roam Mobility works and decide if it’s right for you.